Fully Biodegradable Material

Fully Biodegradable Material

Briefly introduce the production, application and degradation of biodegradable materials.


Degradable plastic particles are a kind of biodegradable material, which can reduce environmental pollution, which is an inevitable trend of social development in various countries.

What are degradable particles?
Under composting conditions, it can be completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water within 180 days. Natural conditions are related to temperature and humidity and can be completely degraded within 2-5 years. Achieve complete biodegradation.

product description
Comparison of fully degradable plastics and traditional plastics
100% compostable degradable. Compared with traditional petrochemical plastics per unit weight, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 50%.

Does not contain PB, CD, HG, CR, PBB, PBDE and other harmful elements. Does not contain ortho-benzene plasticizer, bisphenol A and other harmful substances. The content of heavy metals complies with the ROHS directive.

The product is mainly a mixture of PLA (polylactic acid) and starch, and the obtained film product has excellent tensile properties.

Mainly suitable for blow molding process and film products. Typical products include supermarket shopping bags, various garbage bags, clothing packaging bags, industrial product packaging, etc.

The product has passed the EU EN 13432 and the US ASTM 6400, fully biodegradable standard certification, and passed the SGS certification.

Degradable granular raw materials
Types of raw materials
Bio-based plastics: Unlike traditional plastics, bio-based polymers are derived from renewable resources such as sugar, starch and vegetable oil fibers. Among them, corn, sugar cane and grains are the most common raw materials.

Petroleum-based plastics: the use of petrochemical resources to synthesize biodegradable plastics, mainly based on petrochemical products, through chemical synthesis, is a polymer PCL, PBS, PVA, PBAT, etc.

Compostable degradation: Under composting conditions, due to the biological reaction process, plastics can be degraded and decomposed, and finally decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, mineralized inorganic salts and new biomass, and will not pollute the soil.

Application field
Application of degradable plastics in life
Injection molding

Extrusion processing

Film processing

Various treatment methods for degrading plastics.
Under the conditions of compost degradation, the product can be 100% biodegraded within 180 days, and the final product of degradation is carbon dioxide and water. The composting conditions are as follows: temperature is 58±2°C, humidity is 98%, and there are certain microorganisms.

Landfill disposal
Landfill conditions are different from composting conditions, so the product degradation rate is slower, usually 2-5 years, but the degradation products will not pollute the groundwater, will not harm the growth of plants, and will not waste arable land.


The calorific value of degradable plastic products is very small. The products of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water, which will not pollute the air.

From nature back to nature
Traditional petroleum-based plastics have caused serious white pollution to the earth, while biodegradable plastics mainly use renewable plant resources, such as corn, cassava and sucrose. They can replace most synthetic plastics and reduce human dependence on petroleum resources. .

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