» Thermal optimization of window frames 2016-11-11 16:27:35

The thermal performance of window frames can easily be calculated using 2D numerical simulations. Several commercial software packages are available, and international standards provide a clear methodology to calculate the thermal transmittance. However, even though these methods are well known in a...[ View More ]

» Dual colour powder coating by thermal break 2016-10-21 15:07:44

The technology in window and door profiles has advanced significantly in recent years which has enabled windows and doors to be painted different colours inside and out.  Less than 1o years ago this was a very difficult process that for many windows and doors could only be achieved by having a ...[ View More ]

» Difference between KAXITE PA66GF, improved PVC, and UPVC profiles 2016-11-29 14:23:26

Difference between KAXITE PA66GF, improved PVC, and UPVC profiles...[ View More ]

» glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 2017-02-21 17:04:52

Wherever the most demanding technical requirements must be satisfied – in the automotive and machinery industries but also in the household appliance and leisure sectors – designers have often had to rely on metal in the past. But this is where plastics can provide the greatest benefits, since w...[ View More ]

» the difference between PA66 and PA6 2017-03-02 16:41:19

Both Polyamide 6 (PA6) and Polyamide 66 (PA66) are widely used in many different markets and applications due to their excellent performance / cost ratios. Many parts are made with these polyamides in the Transportation, Electronics & Electrical, Consumer goods, Building...[ View More ]

» Fibre reinforced plastic 2017-04-11 16:34:43

Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) (also fibre-reinforced polymer) is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. The fibres are usually glass, carbon, aramid, or basalt. Rarely, other fibres such as paper or wood or asbestos have been used. The polymer is usually an epoxy, vin...[ View More ]

» fire retardant thermal break strip 2017-06-26 10:15:04

PA66 GF25 thermal break strip has higher mechanical performance, but when the flame retardant performance be needed, it is so hard to keep the mechanical performance. Now KAXITE did it....[ View More ]

» 2 New patents issued to KAXITE recently 2017-07-03 09:41:43

KAXITE has been studying with the polyamide extrusion and related injection parts for over 14 years, from now on she has 10 patents issued and 4 patents under application....[ View More ]

» ASTM NFPA 285 fire performance test for polyamide 2017-12-18 14:43:11

KAXITE company succeeded in developing the projects in USA, which polyamide thermal profiles in facade systems be fire retardant, now passed the test of American standard CL-TALON-ASTM-NFPA-285, better safety PA66 thermal breaks in curtain walls and facade systems. 40 minutes fire alliance...[ View More ]

» Aluminium Alloys in Solar Power − Benefits and Limitations 2017-12-27 10:43:41

Fossil fuels are associated with some problems like air pollution,scientists have been encouraged to find suitable sources of energy as replacements for fossil fuels. Aluminium applications in solar power systems,Aluminium alloys have became a significant and inseparable part of each of ...[ View More ]


This construction method utilises single or multiple cavities to create insulated air spaces and a space frame construction that is common in building structural members. The polyamide strips are good thermal insulators and block the transfer of energy (hot or cold) in the frame. By increasing...[ View More ]

» how to create a thermal break use a Polyamide Strip system 2018-01-12 09:44:08

Aluminium is the most materials used manufacturing profiles used in windows and doors of the building and constructions industries in this world....[ View More ]

» Solar Panel Mounting PA66 GF45 Replace Aluminum Rail For Solar Energy System 2018-02-27 10:19:11

System features and specifications: Dimensions: 4200 x 55 x 28 mm Suitable for pitched and flat roofs and solar photovoltaic panel mounting Cladding type: tiled, slate and sheet metal (other roof mounts also available) Maximum slope: 60 degrees ...[ View More ]

» Solar Panel Frames and Aluminum Solar Panel Frames are our specialty! 2018-01-12 11:53:46

Solar Panel Frames are our specialty. From Solar Panel Parts to aluminum solar panel frames, Johnson Brother’s has a solution for your Solar Panel Frame needs. Due to the variations of solar panel frames across the industry, Johnson Brothers can offer a wide variety of custom shapes needed for all...[ View More ]

» What is the role of Polyamide Insulating Bars in Energy-Efficient Aluminium Windows? 2018-02-02 10:23:15

a polyamide insulating bar inside a frame prevents the transfer of heat from either the inside to the outside or vice versa. This means they are ideal in both winter and summer, depending on the environmental conditions they face....[ View More ]

» Friendly to The Environment 2018-02-09 09:39:42

The insulating profile from 100 % recycled polyamide has successfully established itself and proved itself superbly in practice. Both in processing by system manufacturers and metalworkers and with use in numerous "green" buildings. Millions of running metres have been installed, saving several thou...[ View More ]